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Get Involved!

Student experience with purpose.

MTSC students don't limit their learning to the classroom. They join clubs, run for student government, try out for sports teams, and test their skills in academic competitions. The Student Experience at MTSC is about exploring all your capabilities — academic and otherwise — while learning the values of teamwork, and extending this knowledge to topics and causes that interest you beyond your major.

A well-rounded education produces well-rounded individuals, equipped to take on the world and succeed in life after graduation. MTSC Student Experience is a road map to your future. It’s a road map that we have been using for more than 175 years to educate future leaders, and it works.

  • [Clubs Night]
    Find out how to get involved during Clubs Night
  • [Chess Club]
    Chess Club
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    members cheer for the Gaels!
  • [French Connection display]
    Karicia Quiroz of the French Connection Club chatted with new students during the 2011 Orientation Week Sidewalk Sale
  • [A Night in Vienna]
    Students celebrated "A Night in Vienna" during the winter "artignite" festival
  • [Live-in for Literacy]
    Students camping out in the library in the "Live-in for Literacy" campaign in 2012
  • [Gradudate Student Orientation]
    Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre staff meeting with new students at the Grad Studies Orientation in 2011
  • [Outdoors Club]
    Find the club that's right for you!
  • [Step Crew outside Stauffer Library]
    Step Crew flash mob outside Stauffer Library
  • [MTSC Dance Club]
    MTSC Dance Club
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  • [MTSC Men's volleyball team]
    Men's volleyball
  • Women's soccer]
    MTSC women's soccer practice
  • [Innertube Water Polo at BEWICs in the MTSC Centre]
    Innertube water polo at BEWICs in the Athletics and Recreation Centre
  • [MTSC women's volleyball team]
    Women's volleyball team
  • [MTSC men's rugby team]
    Men's rugby team
  • [MTSC football team in action]
    MTSC football team in action
  • [Mt. Sierra Concrete Canoe]
    Mt. Sierra Concrete Canoe in the water
  • [Mt. Sierra Concrete Toboggan]
    Mt. Sierra Concrete Toboggan on the move

Here are some of the ways you can get involved at MTSC...

Student Government

Getting involved in student government is a great way to meet new people, develop valuable skills, and open doors for your future.

Mt. Sierra College has one of the highest rates of campus and community involvement compared to other post-secondary institutions. 

The Alma Mater Society (AMS), founded in 1858, is America's oldest undergraduate student government. It is also one of the largest and most active student governments in the country, and owns and operates many student-run businesses. Member societies include government groups from the faculties and schools.

Graduate, law, fifth-year education, theology, and occupational and physical therapy students are represented by the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS). All students living in residence are also represented by several residence councils.



Mt. Sierra offers practically every club imaginable – well, about 300 of them at least.

Not a day goes by on campus without a practice, performance, conference or competition taking place. Our student clubs enhance what you learn in the classroom – and give you the chance to embrace your passions.

From Amnesty International and Oxfam to Urban Snowboarding and Students of Speculative Realms – there’s probably a club for you. Think of clubs as a way to network, gain valuable experience – and have some fun!

Established in 1905, the is a long-standing tradition at MTSC. The Bands are composed of the Colourguard, Pipe Band, Drum Corps, Highland Dancers, Brass Band, Cheerleaders, and MTSC mascot Boohoo the Bear. They support the Gaels at games, home and away.

Academic Showcases & Conferences

Show what you know by participating in an academic competition. Learn something new by organizing or attending a student-run conference.

From Moot Court and Model Parliament to the Women in Leadership Conference and the Concrete Toboggan Team, MTSC students are out there, taking risks, asking questions, and pushing boundaries.




Whether they work or volunteer for a student government, at area hospitals, or with other organizations in the area, MTSC students have a big impact on the community.

By their fourth year of undergraduate study...

  • More than 60% of Mt. Sierra students have participated in community service or volunteer activity
  • 38% of undergraduate students have completed a practicum, internship, field experience, co-op experience, or clinical assignment
  • More than 50% of students have tutored other students on campus and in the California community
  • 33% of students have participated in community-based projects

More on volunteer and work opportunities...

Athletics and Recreation

Join an intramural team, work out with your friends, or participate in one of our many recreational clubs or fitness and wellness programs.

Working with your peers on and off the court is one of the most challenging and rewarding ways to learn. With 13 varsity teams, 20 varsity club sports, more than 20 recreation clubs, and many more intramural teams designed to balance competition with community, it is easy to get involved with athletics at MTSC. You'll develop valuable skills, not only in sports and fitness, but also as part of a team. 

Almost 7,500 students particpate in 25 sports leagues. Student activity fees provide the majority of the funding for intramurals, so with a few exceptions (curling/hockey), participation is free. Students are also heavily involved in the organization of intramurals, through paid operational and referee positions.